Sunday, October 18, 2009

Songtan (Pyeongtaek)

Of Interest - Osan Air Force Base, foreign restaurants, stores with foreign goods
Lodging - several hotels near the main gates of the air force base
Tourist Office - no
Nearest Int'l ATM - I would think there would be one nearby, but I don't where

Most people coming to my site from a google search are looking for Osan. While Osan is a nice little town, I don't think that is what they are looking for. I think they really want to go to Osan Air Force Base which is one subway stop to the south in Pyeongtaek.

To the west of the station is Osan Air Force Base. To the east is the town of Songtan.

The Air Force Base is a fifteen to twenty minute walk from the station. Follow the signs (in English). Between the station and the base are a wide variety of small shops and restaurants, many that serve foreigners, not just Americans. The last time I was there, I ate at a Pakistani restaurant that had an almost entirely Pakistani clientele.

The town of Songtan is a typical suburban town. The area is more modern looking and the buildings are generally bigger than those near the base.

Songtan is on line 1 of the Seoul subway, but I wouldn't go all the way from Seoul on the subway. Take the train to Pyeongtaek and then change. That is usually the quickest way whether you are coming from the north or south. Some trains do stop in Osan, but not many. The nearest KTX stop is at Cheonan-Asan. Go to Asan subway station to change for these trains if you are going to south to Daejeon, Daegu, or Busan. It will probably not save you time to take the KTX to Seoul. Asan is near the end of line 1, and not all subway trains go that far. Only trains that say they are going to Sinchang will go stop at Asan.


Anonymous said...

How do I travel from Daegu to Osan? Take KTX to Cheonan Asan and transfer to slow train and get off at what stop? Thanks in advance

Helen Bushnell said...

It seems like you have the right idea.

There are two subway stops in Osan, Osan and Osan College. Both of these stops are on line one. Osan Station is in downtown Osan. Osan College Station is in north Osan. I believe that area is primarily residential. There is also a commuter train that stops only at Osan Station. Both the subway and the commuter train stop in both Cheonan-Asan and Osan.

The Mugungwha and Saemaeul trains (that is ordinary trains) that stop at Cheonan-Asan do not stop in Osan. Only take a subway or a commuter train.

If you are going to Osan Air Base, you need to take the subway to the Songtain stop, the stop that this entry describes.

Where are you going in Osan?

Do you have any other questions?

maricela said...

How do i get to Daegu from Pyeongtaek Station?? Please Help!!

Helen Bushnell said...

There are trains directly from Pyeongtaek Station to Daegu. Remember these are not metro trains, but regular Korail trains. Schedules are available through Korail's English website which is in the sidebar.

Tom said...

I am Tom Bodine.

There is an international ATM on the way to the Base. It is a Citibank. On the left of the road to the base.
I just walked it.

Helen Bushnell said...


luna said...

How do I get from Iksan to Osan?

Helen Bushnell said...

You can take a regular train in the direction of Seoul to Pyeongtaek and then change to Metro Line 1. Or you can take a KTX to Cheonan-Asan and change to the metro there. The KTX may not save you much time because you have to spend so much more time on the metro which is slower.

Sarah said...

Is it hard to get on Osan Air base? I am a DoD civilian employee with an active common access card. I work on a domestic military base and drive on and off the base every day. Will I be able to get on the base there? Can you walk through base security?

Helen Bushnell said...

It is hard for American civilians to get on Osan Air base. Whether it is hard for DOD employees to do so, I don't know. Do you know if the common access card works at other military bases in South Korea?