Monday, May 18, 2009

Seodaejeon Station

Of interest: Costco
Lodging: one motel

Tourist Office: Yes
In Station Computers: Yes

Note: There is also a Seodaejeon subway station which is a fifteen minute walk away from the train station.

Seodeajeon is the secondary train station in Daejoen. Seo means west. This station handles traffic going to the southwest. These trains go to Gwangju and Mokpo. Trains going north go to Yongsan Station in Seoul. There is a KTX line here, but trains are much less frequent than the ones running on the Seoul-Busan line. The upside is that they are also less crowded except for peak tourist season.

The station is located in a residential neighborhood about fifteen minutes by bus from Daejeon Station. The Daejeon Costco is right next door. Several good, but modest restaurants are in the area. There is also a department store, cinema, grocery store complex about five minutes away. Really this area is nothing special although it is a good place to live. It takes about ten minutes to walk to the subway.

There is one motel visible from the main station exit, however, I can't find the entrance when I walk down the street. Actually, getting to this motel may be more difficult than it appears at first.

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