Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seoul subway - light blue line

Today took the light blue line from Yongsan to Deoksu. I had a really good time because I spent most of the trip talking to another passenger. Meeting people is one reason that I like traveling by train.

This line goes into Gangwan-do and once it gets out of Seoul, the scenery is really beautiful. Within Seoul it runs along a river for a while and is a good way to see the city. This line is really more like a regular train line than a subway line. It is less crowded than the other subways, faster and all above ground.

Deoksu Station
Lodging: No
Tourist Office: No
Sights: None

Deoksu Station is both the end of the line and station on the train to Wonju. I walked around the town. It is a fairly typical suburb. Nice landscaping and better than average sidewalks, but worse than average traffic. I was really careful crossing the street.

If you are interested in a short trip into Gangwon-do, I recommend getting off at one of the earlier stations.

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