Friday, June 5, 2009

Cheongnangyi Station

Lodging: New Boolim Hotel, motels
Tourist Office: No
Of interest: Near Dongdaemun

There are two Cheongnangyi Stations, one train and one subway. They are right next to each other. From here you can take a train the Chungcheon or into Ganwan-do. The subway line number one runs through here which means that you can get to downtown Seoul, Incheon, and Uijeong-bu from here.

I go to various places in Dongdaemun-gu often, and I have stayed at the New Boolim Hotel twice. I was satisfied both times, but my room was not as clean this time as the first time. I notice that the reviews on have gotten worse in the last six months.

A lot of people come to this area at night. It is particularly good place to come to eat at night. Go across the station/department store plaza and there is a street with a variety of traditional restaurants. The road is next to the Skin Food store.

Trains for Gangwan-do leave from Cheongnanyi Station.

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