Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dusil Station (Busan)

Lodging: No
Tourist Office: No
Of interest: Busan Ahnkook Zen Center, Busan Masjid, Turkish restaurant

Dusil subway station comes right after line 1 goes back underground heading north. The surrounding area is primarily residential with the exception of an area to the northwest.

The Busan Ahnkook Zen Center is the first building to become visible while walking away from the subway. It is a multi-story building located on the side of a hill. I first saw it the week before Buddha's birthday when it was covered with lit lanterns. Very beautiful. Inside, there are a few pieces of magnificent art. On the top floor is the largest meditation hall that I have seen since I have been in Korea. The Ahnkook Zen Center offers meditation classes to lay people. Most of these classes are in Korean. However, the Seoul Ahnkook Zen Center does offer an English language meditation class, so it is possible that something similar is offered here.

As you walk closer, the Busan masjid becomes visible. At first it looks like the zen center and mosque are the same building, but there are really across the street from each other. It was built in 1980. It is an attractive building, but not flashy.

Note: Neither of these buildings are tourist attractions. Their purpose is to serve locals practicing their religion.

There is a Turkish restaurant next to the masjid. The restaurant is a bit touristy. On the one hand, it serves hallal food and authentic Turkish dishes. On the other, this also serves a couple of non-Turkish dishes that are based on outsiders stereotypes of what middle easteners eat.

Islam was first brought to Korea by Turkish soldiers during the Korean war. Turkish restaurants are commonly found near Korean mosques.

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