Saturday, June 13, 2009

Busan Subway

Ideally I would finish posting about the Seoul subway before moving onto other topics, but it is probably going to be another week before I go up to Seoul again. Rather than stop posting, I will continue posting about past trips. This spring I explored the Busan subway.

The Busan subway is made up of three lines. Line 1 runs from the mouth of the Nakdong River in the southeast to the Central Bus Terminal in the northwestern part of the city. It runs through central Busan. Line 2 runs from Haeundae-gu to Seobu Cross-country bus station where it heads north. Line eventually leaves the city at Geumgok to end at Yangsan City. Line 3, the shortest line of the three, starts at the relatively central Suyeong-gu and runs to Gimhae. This line stops near Gupo KTX Station.

Other subway stations close to intercity trains are at Busan and Bujeon stations on line 1, and Haeundae station on line 2. The Jungang-dong stop, one stop from Busan Station, is the closest station to the International and Coastal Ferry terminals. The City Tour buses leave from Busan Station.

The tourist offices in Busan are really good at giving visitors clear and useful information. The staff can often recommend good lodging and their tourist map shows which parts of the subway are above ground.

Line 1 runs above ground from its first to its second station then from Dongnae to Dusil. It is the only line to run entirely within the city itself. Line 2 goes above ground at Donwon, but because of walls, you can't see anything until after Geumgok. Line 3 comes above ground between Deokcheon and Gupo. (Lines 2 and 3 connect at Deokcheon.) After Gupo the line goes out on a bridge over the Nakdong River and remains elevated for the three stations remaining.

My profile picture is off the last station on the line, Daejeo. I like the countryside better than the city.

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