Monday, August 3, 2009


Lodging: multiple
Tourist Office: in the historic district, about twenty minutes walk from the station
Of Interest: Bikan Historic District, multiple museums

I was luck enough to arrive during the Kurashiki Tenryo Summer Festival. There was a parade of groups dancing down the main street, and street food in all directions. I also got to see the Bikan Historic District at night.

The Bikan Historic District is made up of houses and rice warehouses dating from the 17th century. Several have been converted into museums. The first houses are about a fifteen minute walk down the main street from the train station.

Kurashiki`s port is served by a local train company, the Miyushima Rinkai Railway. This company mainly hauls freight, but it does run one car for passengers on one of its lines. That car does fill up at times.

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