Sunday, August 23, 2009


Lodging: multiple, mostly at the back entrance
Tourist Office:
Of Interest: ramen tour restaurants in the station, international center, downtown (20 mins.)
Tourist Office: in the center of the station
International ATM: post office to the left of the Sakura exit
Internet Access: international center

Nagoya station serves three different train companies, Meitetsu, Kintetsu, and JR Central. It is about a half hour walk to downtown Nagoya (Sakae). The shinkasen to Nagoya stops here. Three lines of Nagoya's subway system stop here.

Downtown Nagoya is about a twenty minute walk from the station walking straight down Sakura-dori after leaving the station by the Sakura (main) exit. The International Center is on the way. It has a good library with books, magazines and newspapers. The center also has information about Japanese classes and some local events. To get to both the International Center and downtown, take the Higashiyama (yellow) subway line.

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