Sunday, December 20, 2009


Of Interest: walkable town, solar energy research (not open to the public)
Lodging: no
Tourist Office: no
Int'l ATM: on the road to the right just beyond the curve
Restrooms: not good
The station is handicapped accessible.

The war between strip mall and cozy downtown, between car and train culture is active in Sakamachi. The town has the potential to be a really cool place if the chain stores don't strangle it.

Sakamachi is a major train depot within Niigata Prefecture. Sakamachi is forty minutes from Niigata by limited express. The trip takes an hour by regular train and you have to change at Shibata. Trains to Yonezawa take two to two and a half hours.

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gerardinebaugh said...

Chain stores can change a place. I hope this doen't happen here.
Gerardine Baugh