Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Of Interest: local beef
Lodging: ?
Tourist Office: yes, excellent but most of the pamphlets are in Japanese only

Yonezawa is a car-oriented town, and is not comfortable to walk around. There is historical park about thirty minutes from the station. It contains a history museum, a shinto shrine, and a local products store. There are a couple of restaurants serving local dishes here.

Yonezawa is famous for its local beef which is often served raw. It is good, but expensive. Yonezawa apples are also famous.

The city is two hours and fifteen minutes from Tokyo by Shinkansen. The Shinkansen takes thirty five minutes to get to Fukushima while the local trains take forty five minutes. Both trains use the same tracks; local trains take longer because they make more stops. You can also take a local train to the west coast at Sakamachi in Niigata Prefecture.


gerardinebaugh said...

With Yonezawa, as a car-oriented town. How is the weather? Good for walking, or does the weather change often?
Gerardine Baugh

AsianTrains said...

I don't really know. Last summer was colder and drier in the places that I visited. In most of Japan, the temperature does not change much from day to day. How fast rain or snow comes in, I am not sure. Yonezawa is far from the coast, so typhoons and other coastal storms should not have much effect on the weather.